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Outlook Express Layout

Another one of Outlook Express's cool new features is the ability of the user to customize its layout.


The interface itself is very customizable, and part of it is controlled from View | Layout. Here's where it all starts:

Under Basic, you can add/remove components of the display window - here's a description of what they are:

Outlook Bar - This bar, by default, appears along the left side of the screen and gives you shortcuts to your Mail folders, News servers, etc.

Folder Bar - this bar displays the name of the currently open Mail folder or Newsgroup. Plus, if you don't currently have the Folder List activated, clicking the Folder Bar brings up the Folder List!

Folder List - this gives you a "tree" view of all your folders.

Tip of the day - This shows you the tip of the day =).

The Options under Toolbar let's you control, well, the toolbar. From here, you can change the location of the toolbar and toggle Text labels. The coolest thing here, though, is Customize Toolbar ..., which can also be accessed by right clicking the Toolbar and choosing Buttons ...

There are lots of available buttons for almost all menu options ... just take a look. Keep in mind that there are two separate sets of buttons for Mail and News. BTW, one of the most useful buttons is the "Folder List" toggle button, which lets you bring up the toggle button on command without having to go to View | Layout each time.

Preview Pane options let you toggle its display and its position (to the right or below the message list) and header details.


There's some more fun waiting for you at View | Columns. From here, you can add/remove the Columns displayed in the message list (Lines is one of the more useful ones to add that isn't already there). Keep in mind, though, that the column settings are global to some folders; for instance, changes to columns made in the Inbox will affect some other folders. Additionally, in case you don't know yet, you can directly manipulate the column headers by clicking and dragging them.


That's all the time we have today =). Spend some time customizing the Layout to, and have fun! If you've got any questions, feel free to email me Byron here at ActiveIE! Have fun, and enjoy IE4!


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