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DVD Easter Eggs

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

  1. Apart from the obligatory credit screen that can be found by selecting the New Line logo on the disc's main menu, you can also find three unadvertised trailers on the disc.
  2. From the main menu, select 'Cast & Crew' to get to the filmographies. Then select Johnny Depp where you will find a filmography entry for 'Don Juan De Marco' with a trailer for the movie. On the next page of Johnny Depp's filmography you will also find a trailer for 'A Nightmare On Elm Street,' and under Charlize Theron's filmography you will be able to view the trailer to 'Trial And Error.'
  3. If you go in to special features, and wait about a minute, a rocket will come up with dr. evil's name on it. when it goes away, it will leave the logo behind, allowing you to select it. This takes you to a secret menu with hidden features.



Easter Egg Submitted By: Marc

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