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Multimedia Tips

DVD's - The Rules

1.)  Handle disc carefully, making contact only with the center hole and edge. To remove disc from its case, press the “push” button on the center hub and press downward. Using your other hand, gently remove disc by its outer edge. Never remove disc solely by prying its outer edge.

3.) Do not touch disc surface. Do not stack discs. Insert single sided disc correct (artwork) side up inside player. Make sure disc is properly seated inside player before closing drawer.

4.) Store disc inside case when not in use. Keep away from extreme heat or direct sun.

5.) Clean with a damp, lint-free, nonabrasive cloth. Do not use any harsh cleaning agents. Wipe disc using straight motions from the inside hole to the outer edge. Do not use circular motions when cleaning.

6.) If you encounter playing problems, remove disc from player, check to see it was properly inserted, clean as directed and try again.

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