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Product: Macromedia Flash 4
Company: Macromedia
Estimated Street Price: Full Version $299.00 (Reviewed) - Upgrade $129.00  
Review By: William Sossamon


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Flashed Sites & Resources
4: PreAnimation
5: Animation Part I 
6: Animation Part II 
7: Conclusion

With Macromedia Flash 4 you can "easily design and reliably deliver high-impact, low-bandwidth Web sites to all browsers.  Flash is the only solution that lets you produce sites with vector and bitmap graphics, motion, MP3 audio, form input, and interactivity." So what exactly does that mean to both webmasters and web surfers alike?  Let's take a look at it from a feature standpoint.

High-impact and low-bandwidth are the key terms here to most people.  With Flash 4 you can make movies, menus, and any kind of interactive design you can think of.  You're imagination is the only limit.  Vector based graphics is also important here in terms of being low-bandwidth.  This means that the shapes that make up your animations are based on a set of points as opposed to a bitmap or other image format where every pixel must be defined as a certain color.  This dramatically reduces file size.  This also means you can zoom in as far as you want and the image quality will remain sharp.  Simply put, High-impact, low-bandwidth means you get more than what you pay for.

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