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Product: Palm Pilot V
Company: 3Com
Estimated Street Price: 350/$449
Review By: Byron Hinson

Final Results and Overall Mark

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup, Software & Settings
3: Palm Operating System, Programs & HotSync
4: Installing Programs
5: Typing & Tapping
6: Conclusion

Well we have reached the end of the review. Here are my final comments, notes and grades for the Palm Pilot V.

Final Comments

How It Grades
Installation: 91%
Manual: 92%
Performance: 90%
Drivers: N/A
Look: 93%
Help Files: 70%
Price: 85%
Overall: 91%

Overall the Palm V is excellent, the design is great, it is light to carry and easily fits into the pocket so you can carry it around anywhere you like. The only worry I have it the price currently is very expensive (UK) and it is so small I worried about putting it in my pocket incase I lost it somewhere when I'm out. Easily the best Palm Organizer available at this moment in time.


Overall Score 91%
Version Reviewed Palm Pilot V - OS Version 3.1
Release Date Out Now
In The Box? 1 Palm Pilot V
1 Palm Cradle
1 Case
1 Instruction Manual
1 Getting Started Guide
2 Stylus Pens
1 Palm Desktop Software CD
1 Accessory
The Good Points Excellent Design
Easily Fits In The Pocket
Fast To Load
Clear Screen
Useful HotSyncing Option
Back Screen Light
The Bad Points Not Color
Easy To Lose
Reviewers PC Setup Pentium II 450
Windows 98 Second Edition
128 Meg SD-Ram
Voodoo 2 - 8mb
DirectX 6.1a
SoundBlaster Live! Value
17" LG Electronics Monitor
Matrox G400 32MB AGP Graphics Card
Microsoft Force Feedback Pro
Microsoft Freestyle Pro (USB)
Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 (USB)

DVD Setup: Toshiba SD-1202 DVD-ROM - 32x
DVD TV Player - Samsung 807

PC Required Windows 95/98/NT Or Higher
Intel 486 Or Higher
8 MB Ram
1 Avaliable Serial Port
20MB Hard-Drive Space


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