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Palit HD 4870

Palit Radeon HD 4870 512mb Sonic Dual Edition
Company: Palit
Estimated Street Price: 200
Part Number:
Review By: Byron Hinson


The Palit HD4870 Sonic Dual Edition is a great card, not just on performance but also on price, it competes even with the top end Nvidia GPU at the moment pretty well for a much lower price. I have long been a fan of both nVidia and ATI, but with the 4870 series of cards, ATI has really upped their game and this version of the card from Palit also helps out with a much improved fan over the reference board as well as the easy option of slightly overclocking the card thanks to its Dual-Bios. The performances in all of the games we have tested has been very good, we have had the odd crash here and there, mostly in Lord of the Rings online where it seems a lot of cards are crashing with their latest update to the DirectX 10 code, but overall the card has done well.

Hopefully we will see more of Palit in the future both with the ATI cards and with the nVidia models and we hope to cover their hardware here even more. This is a great start for them and one that shows that they can complete with some of the best both in value and design. An excellent card overall.

How It Grades
Installation: 93%
Ease Of Use: 89%
Speed: 93%
Features: 92%
: 90%
Design: 89%
Manual: 90%
Price: 90%
Overall: 91%

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Specs & Package
Overall Score 91%
Version Reviewed Palit Radeon HD4870 512mb
Release Date Out Now
In The Box? 1 Palit Radeon HD4870 512mb Graphics Card
Drivers CD
Power Adapter Cable
S-Video Cable
VGA - DVI Adapter
The Good Points Great Value
DirectX 10.1 Support
Plays all the latest titles
Easy overclocking button
The Bad Points Still some driver issues
Games not fully DirectX 10 optimised yet
Reviewers PC Setup Intel Quad Q6600 CPU
Asus P5E Intel Motherboard
Crucial 4GB DDR2 Memory
500GB Samsung SpinPoint SATA Drive
Sony 16x DVD-RW SATA Drive
Logitech 2.1 Speakers




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