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These section will help you learn all about the new Deluxe CD program that comes with the Microsoft Plus 98 pack available in stores now. If you would like to help add to this Plus 98 section please e-mail

Deluxe CD Player - Place your favorite CD in your computer and, with an Internet connection, you can instantly access information about the songs, the artist, and related music topics.

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The Deluxe CD player Maximized.

For example, the Plus! 98 Deluxe CD Player has an easy to use Web search feature so finding information about artists, songs, and shopping online is as easy as playing your favorite CD.

Download The Track Listing
With Plus 98! you can easily download the track listings for your CD and even find out more about the band or artist.

The Plus! 98 CD player is a surprising change from the spartan CD player included with the standard install of Windows 98. It has combines a sleek and stylish interface with the functionality one would expect from a third party Multimedia player. An Internet connection adds several convenient features; just pop in a CD, and low and behold the Deluxe CD player will provide links pointing you to entertaining information on your favorite artists. Browse songs that you may have not heard before, and listen to them streaming live off of the Internet. If you feel so inclined, you can order more albums to listen to on your new CD player. If you are tired of hearing your favorite performer over and over again, you can check out one of the numerous related artists Plus! Refers to you.

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