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This page lists all the different brands and models of car, portable and computer MP3 Players. If you have any suggestions, news or would like to see your product/site linked or reviewed  don't hesitate to email Bob.

Portable Mp3 Players

Make Model Price
Diamond Multimedia Rio 500 $269.95
Diamond Multimedia Rio PMP 300 SE $250.00
Creative Labs Nomad 64MB $250.00
Samsung Yepp (Series B) n/a
Right Technology DAP $179.00
Right Technology DAP128 Executive $349.00
Right Technology DAP64 $179.00
Right Technology DAP64 Pro $199.00
Right Technology DAP96 Pro $269.00
I-Jam Multimedia IJ-100 $179.95
Frontier Labs NEX Player $179.99
RFC Dist. jazPiper $169.00
Sahen/Eiger MPMan F20 $200.00
Pontis Mplayer3 $195.00

Car MP3 Players

Make Model Price
MP3 Car MP-ROM $250.00
Xeenon MP Shuttle II $535.00
Electrostore MP-Juke $290.00
Liquid Audio Liquid Audio Car $373.00
Impy3 Impy3 $1,212.00

Home MP3 Players

Make Model Price
ReQuest, Inc. AudoReQuest $299.95
Audioactive Internet Encoder $2,450.00
Raite AVPhile 715K $239.00
Macpower Peripherals  Mozart's Music Box $249.99
CSC MP-3 CD Blast It $295.00
Indigita RaV6 Tape Drive $399.00

Computer MP3 Players

Player Notes Player Notes
WinAmp Play MP3, MP2, CD, MOD and WAV Audio CD Runner 2000.5 Try this all-in-one media player/CD ripper suite.
Sonique 1.30 MP3, CD, WAV, MOD, WMA audio with impressive visuals Visual Turntables 1.8 Play and mix MP3s on your PC
MS Windows Media Player 6.4 Play local and streaming multimedia content CD/Spectrum Pro 2.5.3500 Play CDs, WAVs and MP3s and view a spectrum analyzer
Music Match Jukebox 4.4 Encode, play, and manage MP3 files EZMedia 1.1 Access all your favorite multimedia files with one program
MP3-Box 2.1 Play, encode and decode MP3 files with this multifaceted tool WinPlay3 (32-bit) 2.3 Listen to MP3 files on this speedy little player
AudioCD MP3 Studio 1.5a UJE Make your own audio CDs out of MP3 files. Virtuosa Gold 3.20 Rip MP3s and burn CD compilations with this digital audio jukebox
AudioCatalyst 2.01 Extract and encode CD audio to MP3 format Ultimate Encoder 1.8 Extract CD audio and encode it to MP3
Cowon Jet-Audio 4.6 Manage your audio files with this multimedia Unreal Player Max 1.47 Listen to MP3, MOD, MIDI, and CD Audio

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