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Music Websites

This page lists some of the best and legal places you can download MP3 Music on the Internet. This is in no way all of them. For more sites, check out one of the MP3 search engines on our Links section.  If you have any suggestions, news or would like to see your product/site linked or reviewed  don't hesitate to email Bob.

Site - More than music. Lyrics, bios and more.
RioPort - Load up your Rio!
Emusic - Formerly known as GoodNoise - One of the best MP3 music sites on the 'Net. - Free MP3 downloads. - MP3 titles sorted by genres.
IUMA - Pioneer of Internet Music. Various Formats.
WorldWideBands - A lot of unsigned artists - A lot of unsigned artists - Good MP3 Site
MP3 Music - A lot of Music
AudioGalaxy - Great MP3 site

ActiveWindows is not responsible for any links to third party sites.

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